SD 63 Have you ever spotted an openminded single friend and thought of flipping her to the lifestyle?

As avid podcast listeners, we never understand why lifestyle podcasters think people would be interested in hearing their version of yet another “Here’s what we did on our vacation” recap which is a format we find to be desperately tired and overdone. After all, who wants to hear about the mundane details of someones travel experience? Does anybody really like looking at other peoples’ vacation photos? Of course not. As a result, we prefer to structure our show so that the events described have a purpose for listeners and produce a lesson or a moral that we’ve learned.  We aspire to make our podcast’s content evergreen so it can be used as a resource for others and not just for our own selfish memories and musings. However, we just returned from two very interesting events and, at our listeners’ request, we are compelled to share some of our insights and observations about the Friction hotel takeovers and the New York City lifestyle club scene.

After reviewing our adventures over the past month, we dive into our questions. We discuss what, if anything, is so fun about flipping vanillas. Then Penn gets on his soapbox for a rant about whether or not singles in the lifestyle can be considered swingers. Finally, we take listeners’ advice about the best ways to spot other swingers in vanilla settings and make a call to all swingers to reclaim the use of the black ring to identify ourselves to each other. 

From the beginning of our swinging career we have always insisted on a very clear boundary between our swinging activities and our vanilla life. To preserve our privacy and anonymity, we regularly travel for our sexy fun. We promised ourselves from the start that we would never allow those two parts of our lives to mingle… well, except this once. This episode’s diary story is the memory of what happened when we broke our own rule and allowed our two parallel worlds to mix for just a few hours.

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4 thoughts on “SD 63 Have you ever spotted an openminded single friend and thought of flipping her to the lifestyle?

  1. Havent had time to listen to this episode yet, but I must say in general, your topics and the approach taken to your podcasts’ production are intriguing—and more importantly, they should be of interest to people with a interest to learn more about how the human-condition manifests itself in a variety of uncommon situations proposed/exposed in the physical, rather than soley in the mind. Like WGT podcast, your production team is headed by a unique couple with a complementary aproach, and/or perspective on what’s actually going on sociologically when you meet up with other people under these unique conditions.


      1. Well no, thank YOU! It is your own drive toward production excellence with the chemistry that you have as a couple—and a work-team—that makes all the difference to your audience and your end-product(Podcast). Keep up the fine work!


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