SD 62 How often does play with a fantastic kisser end up in a huge mess?

We love meeting up with listeners and our awesome upcoming travel schedule offers lots of opportunities. In addition to our usual tour of clubs and hotel takeovers, New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Negril, Havana and Cancun are all on this years agenda. Its going to be a fantastic year of sexy fun.

This episode has some philosophical questions to be discussed by us and our listeners. This month we talk about our “play percentage” in a variety of different scenarios. Then we struggle with the puzzle of whether good kissing is an objective or subjective skill. Finally, we explore the answers to a listener’s question about how to clean up after a playtime. 

Although we travel often, the highlight of our upcoming year will be our visit to Desire RM with friends and listeners in March of 2019. In this entry into our diary, we remember some wild encounters that happened on last year’s Desire trip. While we aren’t usually orgy fans, the memory told in this story is seared into our minds as one of the most epically erotic and sensual group play experiences we’ve ever had.

Click here to listen to Episode 62:!90dfb2cf7308e976319c49b15123bdb7a45c2ce3” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Episode 62

3 thoughts on “SD 62 How often does play with a fantastic kisser end up in a huge mess?

  1. After listening to Ep-62, my only comments to offer here are regarding ‘the kiss’. 1) What makes the kiss such a pivotal experience for two people is that it is one’s first intimate contact with another person that sets the stage for what one may expect of any possible future intimacy with that person. 2) The answer as to what makes a good kiss and whether this judgement is a subjective/objective one(or not) is simplified enormously by remembering that the kiss is a key form of intimate communication, and is a vulnerable, interactive action for any two people to undertake to express a like of another. 3) As a communication form, I would think that it is harder to make general judgements about what is good or bad, or to score a kiss broadly, as to what is really the thing going on there. What can be scored(if it could be measured) is how well the exchange results in a conveyance of an understanding between two people of what needs, vulnerabilities, and desires are at work between them, while cutting through the social mask of the context at that time which affords them that momentary insight to make that crucial decision(albeit an emotional one), as to whether to go forward or not with this individual, at the very least, on some emotional-physical level—if not a rational one.


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