SD 49 Could you return to your vanilla life and never experience the variety of others again?

As we approach the Episode 50 milestone, we announce the introduction of our new logo and renew our invitation for listeners to send us their lists of their favorite things about the swinging lifestyle for our upcoming Top 50 countdown.

As the title of this show suggests, in this episode we discuss listeners’ preferences for variety vs. having a “type” when it comes to play partners; the question of whether or not we could walk away from swinging and be content with only one partner for the rest of our lives; and some conversation about the nature of the term “vanilla” in the lifestyle.

All of our stories are very real, after all, they are our memories, but in this episode we talk about the motivations behind one of our encounters with a couple who were very unlike our usual type and the way that for us the swinging lifestyle is a fantastic vehicle to allow us to bond, blow off steam and continually renew our love and commitment to each other.

Click this link to listen to Episode 49:!304ee582ed1fc9a95c0459d57362f501eb7ac753” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Episode 49


2 thoughts on “SD 49 Could you return to your vanilla life and never experience the variety of others again?

  1. just listened to this episode (i get behind so that i can listen with my husband). The answer to the question could you leave the lifestyle that specifically mentioned you could leave the sex behind but not the friends you have made frankly strikes me as disingenuous: we have not met couples very interested in being friends. Maybe it is just us, but we were pretty popular with our vanilla friends. we tried organizing a swinger hiking/camping group, not so much to play while camping but to meet people in the lifestyle with similar interests. We also joined an already existing group in the area we have moved to. We have not had any success with those activities. There is no club here, like in San Antonio, which at least exposed you to the same people time after time and you got to know them enough to say “hi”. There are groups that have regular parties, people come from all over. Most seem interested in one night stands (which can be fun, not knocking that!) but we have not had the experience that people are interested in being friends. We have done the meet and greets for dinner and drinks and there is rarely a second meet, even just to be friends and i always initiate a follow up email thanking them for meeting us and how much we enjoyed it. Maybe we have lost the knack of making friends or being engaging, but it really seems to us that people have the attitude that they have enough friends and if there isn;t going to be play right away, there is no need to continue any dialogue or further dialogue. Just my two cents, my husband is more of an introvert and it doesn’t seem to bother him as much, but i am really struggling with being in a smaller city and not having friends, much less lifestyle friends, which i agree would be ideal since you could talk about almost anything.


    1. Jessie,
      Thanks for your story. Its interesting to hear that you re struggling with making long term “repeat connections” that develop into real genuine friendships.
      We know you’re not alone in this experience. We’ve heard it before but usually, after meeting many peopled and going to a variety of events, most people report that friendships really do inevitable develop. You might say with enough baits in the water, you will surly get a bite or two. Hope you find what you’re looking for.
      You can always travel with us. We’re always looking for new friends! 😉
      -Paige and Penn


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