SD 45 Even with condoms, is it too slutty to play during your period?

Please excuse our raspy smokers’ voices as we are still recovering from another awesome Naughty in N’awlins convention! Although we were flattered and humbled by meeting so many fans of our show at NiN who were curious about our impressions of the largest swingers convention in the world, as our regular listeners know, our format isn’t really about interviews or event reviews. Instead, we will leave it to all of other podcasting friends to offer their recount of the week. In our traditional style, rather than recapping all of the parties, friends, theme nights and playroom adventures we had, in this show we dive right into our three questions which were answered, as always, by you, our listeners. 

This episode’s questions deal with how to handle that awkward transitional moment during play when the condoms come out, what to do if you get your period when you had a sexy encounter planned, and a sensitive, philosophical question about being “too slutty”.

Our diary story is part sexy memory, and part sobering lesson as we recall a quick connection and the powerful sexual momentum that resulted in an impulsive and hot playtime with a couple on a trip to Hedo Then we remember how we later second guessed ourselves about the experience after watching them interact with others. We cant deny it, for better or worse, like almost everybody in the swinging lifestyle, we are a little judgy.


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2 thoughts on “SD 45 Even with condoms, is it too slutty to play during your period?

  1. We draw a distinction between preferences and judgments: If somebody is “too slutty” for us, being judgmental means we don’t like it and try to get them to change their behavor. Stating a preference just means that we see the behavior and allow it, but prefer to spend our time with others.


    1. You’re absolutely correct. As one of our friends pointed out, its not,” Is there such a thing as too slutty in the lifestyle?”… the proper question is, “Is there such a thing as too slutty, TO YOU?”. What we’ve found is that everybody has a sliding limit of approved decorum, even in the openminded environment of the swinging lifestyle


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