SD 30 Will we find sexy people our age to play with?

One of the touchiest topics in the swinging community is the subject of age and as a result we have avoided this topic for a long time now but if you’re new to swinging, you are understandably curious about this obvious question, “How old is too old and how young is too young to swing?”

While we hear plenty of politically correct answers to this question like, “You’re only as old as you feel” or “Age is just a number”, it is disingenuous and foolish to ignore the obvious fact that we are all attracted to a youthful appearance. Age actually is an important factor in the probability of making connections with people, both physically and socially. Its normal and even understandable that people tend to gravitate to others of their age range. Age does matter, but its not the only factor in making connections.

In our usual way, in this episode we talk plainly and directly about the range of ages of people that we have played with and also about the average age of the people you can expect to see in the lifestyle. In our sexy journal entry, we recall a date and playtime with a couple who was much younger than we were and remember the challenges that naturally occur between people of different ages and experience levels in the lifestyle.

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3 thoughts on “SD 30 Will we find sexy people our age to play with?

  1. Penn & Paige, a great effort with a touchy topic for so many middle-aged folks! You delineate “Age” about as best as anyone could possibly expect. This, despite the fact that Age is so tightly interwoven into the framework of the american culture, which starts fairly early in one’s adult-life in the U.S.

    * as far as your own determination of when to pull-the-plug, as being age-related, I would partially agree—ie, when, you feel that you are no longer able to be complicit in LS activities, but this is not always an age-related decision

    * I would also add that for some people, who may have other goals/reasons for being there, age and complicity may not be a driving force, as these individuals may find personal-growth from these LS experiences, relationships, & activities that more mainstream folks likely take for granted

    * a truly courageous dismantling of this complex, P.C. subject-matter dealing with the LS; and I believe your treatment of the subject was comprehensive, most importantly, for your mainstream listeners!

    Thank you very much, again, for the “real”, “human”, thoughtful, sensitive approach to your report of your experience through the LS.


    1. What a great analysis. Your points are perfectly made. We are proud to hear that both our sensitivity and realism about this topic came through to you. Thanks for listening and for your clear, thoughtful comments.


      1. Thank you, again, Penn & Paige, for investing so much of your own time and energy into sharing your experiences with your listeners in such a detailed, organized, and easy to understand manner! 👍


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