Episode 29 Isn’t it hard to flirt again?

Flirting is a skill and just like any other, if you don’t practice it regularly, you can get a little rusty. One of the first realizations for new swingers is that it’s probably been a long time since they’ve flirted with others and they often need to brush up on their moves.

In this episode, we remind listeners of the basics of flirting. We walk through what a typical evening in a club is like for us and talk about our personal flirting styles. As always, we give practice tips and techniques for moving from that awkward introduction phase to actually “sealing the deal”.

In our sexy journal entry, we recall a date with a charming, experienced, flirty couple which lit the fuse for a slow burn that eventually culminated in an inevitably explosive encounter.

Click this link to listen to episode 29:



2 thoughts on “Episode 29 Isn’t it hard to flirt again?

  1. So I’m listening to this great episode from my phone to the car radio. The car needs some weekend sprucing up, so its off to the Car Wash.

    After dropping the car off, folks all wait in a open area. I paid and waited with the others.

    Soon, the ear buds came out to finish the episode. It started up fine, then the audio cut out. I’m looking at the time progress, but no sound.

    I fussed with the phone a bit only to realize it was bluetooth connected with the Car.

    The person cleaning out my interior got some good but unexpected tips today.


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