SD 18 What’s a hotel takeover like?

We are back from Naughty in N’awlins 2015 and we have got some sexy stories to tell. This event created the first and largest collection of swinging lifestyle podcasters ever assembled in one place and it was awesome fun.
In this episode we discuss hotel takeovers and give some specific examples of how the NiN convention was an epic one. One of the unique experiences that we had at the event was the connection made with fantastic new friends, Mr. and Mrs Jones from the We Gotta Thing Podcast. As charming and sexy as we imagined them to be, they were in person.
While our diary story is about an sexy sixsome experience that occurred in the playrooms of NiN, we are honored to have a bonus diary story told by our new friends and the announcement of more collaboration soon to follow.
Click this link to listen to Episode 18:

One thought on “SD 18 What’s a hotel takeover like?

  1. Swing pride or shame?
    Well it is interesting to know about that Pen is Swing shame. I don’t know what it is but, I guess lots of women in the Lifestyle feel the same way, even though they enjoy having sex with others, been in the lifestyle for years and years, recognise that is something that enhance their relationship and communication, acknowledge that is good to talk about sex among others and even have seen that this has save their marriage. They still having problems saying with pride YES I AM A SWINGER. I guess if tomorrow the priest at church will say it is ok to be a swinger they would change their point of view, probably if as a mother you would tell your daughter is ok to check on different males and you have to choose the right one for you before getting married; or if you tell your girl, hey if someone tells you are a whore or slut you tell back but I will never jump on bed with you, women in general will start changing their sex freedom.
    We have been in the LS for more than 12 years and she continue to be Swing Shame, living in the closet and beneath the sheets, when I agree you don’t have to go by shouting to the 4 winds who you are and what you do, but, keep hiding yourself and keep it in secrete from all. I guess if only they would realise their power? Probably is best to continue to be in the closet and women afraid of being judge.


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