SD 16 Have you ever been to a house party?

Infamously, house parties are the most intense situation for play. They can be very intimidating but good house parties are often some of the most exciting experiences in the swinging lifestyle.
In this episode we talk about tips and suggestions that will help insure that you select the right party for you and give advice on how to get comfortable with the potentially high-pressure situations that are part of the house party scene.
In our sexy diary story we remember a great house party where we met a sexy couple and the challenges that we faced in playing with them in a typical house party situation where privacy isn’t always available.
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One thought on “SD 16 Have you ever been to a house party?

  1. House Parties Intimidating?
    Well yes of course if it is just a 5 or 6 couples where everyone knows everybody, but how about a 3200 sqf house with a 5700 play barn on a lot of 45 acres where most of the people come with their own RV or camping tent and stay for the weekend? A place where you can go on the highway at 65 or 70 and the only clue to the place is just an upside down pineapple flag and you have to get in through a 250ft driveway between tall trees and bushes so there is no way from the road someone could see everyone inside the ground is naked. A place where at 8:30 starts the DJ a side of a huge bonfire and it goes until 3 or 4 and there is no neighbour coming to complain. This place is like magic Dancing and Fucking under the starts all night long. Best of all there is plenty of space for you just hide and check out all the action of no less than 120 to 150 couples. This is a house weekend.


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