Episode 05 What’s it like in a swingers club?

Swingers clubs are a wild combination of bar, nightclub and sex party. They are one of our favorite venues for a lifestyle evening adventure. Throughout our travels we have partied through hundreds of nights of exciting swingers club action and explored dozens of different clubs around the country.
In this episode, we give tips and advice about what makes clubs so fun, how to find them, and what to expect when you visit. From what to bring, to what you’ll find in the back rooms of an on-premises club, we describe what goes on at the home base of a real swingers party.
This time, in our sexy diary, we recount one of our early experiences in a lifestyle club and how a sexy foursome tuned into an unexpected six-some. It was a thrilling and exciting first for us.
Click this link to listen to Episode 05:

2 thoughts on “Episode 05 What’s it like in a swingers club?

    1. You are very welcome Sara. We hope our description helps ease some of the nervousness and intimidation that new people are often curious about. We always think that clubs are a great way to learn more about the Lifestyle and what you’re into in a low pressure enviornment.


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