Episode 03 Don’t you get jealous?

This episode discusses the most problematic issue in the swinging lifestyle for new and experienced swingers alike… Jealousy. We discuss the most common progression of experiences among swingers and the importance of taking each step cautiously and slowly using “baby steps” to help control potential jealousy.
We don’t have all the answers, but using our years of swinging experience, we also talk about other techniques and hints that we have found to be especially helpful in limiting and dealing with jealousy.
Our diary entry on this episode is about our encounter and steamy playtime with a newbie couple who were very excited to dive right into the full experience of swinging.
Click this link to listen to Episode 03:

4 thoughts on “Episode 03 Don’t you get jealous?

  1. Jealousy,

    Thank you guys. Very nice podcast. No doubt we need to have a strong relationship if we want to even think about this. The problem is how can I tell her/him about my dreams? desires? Just to think on her/his reaction many freak out.


    1. So true. Jealousy is definitely one of the biggest fears and hurdles for newbies.

      If your relationship isn’t in the position where you can openly talk about your fantasies and desires in a trusting nonjudgmental way, then you probably aren’t ready for the swinging lifestyle anyway.


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