Episode 02 Where do you meet other swingers?

In this episode, we discuss the next of the most common questions that we imagine people would ask if they found out that we are swingers and talk about meeting couples at online dating sites, parties, clubs and lifestyle resorts.

Our diary entry this time is about how we met a particularly sexy couple and the fun play session that we all enjoyed on a rooftop bed at Desire.

Click this link to listen to Episode 02:

https://embed.radiopublic.com/e?if=swinger-diaries-GMlybr&ge=s1!91074611bf93a212ff9a9d469df7b1a57628752a” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Episode 02


4 thoughts on “Episode 02 Where do you meet other swingers?

  1. I think the best place to go as a new into the Life Style or someone thinking about getting in is a Club. Go there with the basic idea to have a drink, dance and a good time with your significant other. That way you would have no disappointment at all and you will be amazed for what is to see. Rule No. 1 pay attention to each other and don’t get distracted if he/she gets uncomfortable is time to go and talk about it.


    1. We totally agree. People new to swinging are often desperately intimidated by the idea of a swing club because they imagine it will be a pushy, intense, demanding situation; but in truth, it is exactly the opposite.

      A club is a perfect way to observe a the lifestyle in a low pressure environment… and then take the excitement and fantasies back to your own bed until you potentially develop the courage to move any further.


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