Episode 01 Why do you do it?

In our first episode we, Penn and Paige, explain our motivation for this podcast and answer the first of our questions.

In this show, we explain how the Lifestyle has enriched our lives and enhanced our marriage.

As in all of our episodes, we make a story entry in to our diary. This one is about an unexpected anonymous experience in the Swinger’s Cruise playroom.

Click this link to listen to Episode 01:

https://embed.radiopublic.com/e?if=swinger-diaries-GMlybr&ge=s1!b30b6c0b1d2edcfd243662e8d1d1a1c00e728962” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Episode 01


6 thoughts on “Episode 01 Why do you do it?

    1. You’re welcome Alex. Honestly, we were so new at podcasting when we recorded this first episode that we cringe when we listen to it now. The audio is pretty bad but luckily, over time our equipment and our delivery have gotten expectedly better!


  1. Hi guys,
    Last month a came across with your podcast while checking out for any new feed and I want to thank you for this very well organized chat and expressing this beautiful lifestyle in such a professional way. I don’t consider myself a Swinger Podcast Critic, though I should start doing so, as I have heard many out there. Hidden Swing, Swap Fu, the Curious Couple, John and Ally, Sex is Fun, Michael and Pockets, and so on, and let me tell you so far just you and the Swap Fu are making my days. I understand each have their own style, but what I like most from your feed is: a very straight answer to a question, issue or doubt about the lifestyle, without judging, mucking or calling anyone out and a juicy experience as example of the topic. Very well done guys thumbs up.

    About this first episode, in total agreement, we do it as a recreational time for us, a time to enjoy each other while being around people that will not judge us if we touch, kiss, dance or fuck before them. At times you will have people around you that you would like to touch too, but been in this lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to touch everyone or anyone will come and just kit on you. It is a pity there are so many people with the wrong idea about swingers. Probably that is why Mr. Swap Fu was right when he wanted to start the swinger awareness campaign. But in the other hand it is good to have this little secrete.

    Anyway, I will keep giving you my review if you don’t mind. Cheers.


    1. What a generous compliment. We are flattered by your interest and humbled by your positive observations.

      We cant wait to read your commentary about any of our episodes.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback!



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